Recent Progress in the Treatment of Throat Diseases

1875 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
warnings above referred to, which aro uttered by sonic physicians of large experience." 1 We are adjured to " let the babies off easy." W we go a step further, and apply this precept to their moral training, we are met by a remonstrance from the wisest king of Israel. The sting of the caustic though sharp is temporary, its results most salutary, as each may ascertain for himself.2 RECENT PROGRESS IN THE TREATMENT OK THROAT DIS-EASES BY F. I. KNIGHT, M. D Wk have thought it best, to devote the
more » ... st, to devote the space allotted to us to what is new and interesting in the triennial report from the well-known clinic for laryngoscopy at Vienna.8 Dilatation of Strictures of the Larynx. -Schrötter has tried to dilate the glottis in six cases of stricture following perichondritis, so that the patients might go without, the cánula which had been previously introduced. He tried at first, the common elastic catheter, which was passed through the stricture from above, with the aid of the mirror, and then drawn through the external opening by means of a small hook, the cánula having been removed. But it, was found to be impossible to leave the catheter sufficiently long in this position, and it was difficult at times to reintroduee the cánula; moreover, the operation was very annoying, and the cánula was soon used up. Then he fried a catheter with a button on
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