World War I and the Transformation of Global Thinking in US Academic Community
Первая мировая война и трансформация глобального мышления академического сообщества США

Vladimir ROMANOV
2019 Perspectives and prospects E-journal  
The article explores the US academic community's role in shaping the new ideological paradigm of the New World Order vision after the Great War end. Most American intellectuals shared the basic principles of Wilsonianism, although their community consisted of numerous research and educational corporations and renowned scientists with differing approaches. President Woodrow Wilson regularly engaged scientists in foreign policy planning process. While widening thinking among American political
more » ... erican political and academic elites, the WWI fostered in their minds a new pattern of American exceptionalism concept.
doi:10.32726/2411-34170-2019-1-67-91 fatcat:xsq5tic7dzawrc36oiiywsvfni