Biharmonic Friction with a Smagorinsky-Like Viscosity for Use in Large-Scale Eddy-Permitting Ocean Models

Stephen M. Griffies, Robert W. Hallberg
2000 Monthly Weather Review  
This paper discusses a numerical closure, motivated from the ideas of Smagorinsky, for use with a biharmonic operator. The result is a highly scale-selective, state-dependent friction operator for use in eddy-permitting geophysical fluid models. This friction should prove most useful for large-scale ocean models in which there are multiple regimes of geostrophic turbulence. Examples are provided from primitive equation geopotential and isopycnal-coordinate ocean models.
doi:10.1175/1520-0493(2000)128<2935:bfwasl>;2 fatcat:ova4aovkabhkxgc2lry53cxq34