Capital Flight and Transition Economies
Sermaye Kaçışı ve Geçiş Ekonomileri

Harun Bal, Neşe Algan, Gamze Leman Ulaştırıcı
2016 International Conference on Eurasian Economies 2016   unpublished
Capital flight and calculation methods are one of concepts that could not been arrived at a consensus in economics literature. Capital flight is defined generally as transferring resident assets of countries to abroad. In addition, political and economic uncertainty and including all capital outflows done with speculative aims in this scope is more acceptable and appropriate approach. Definitional-level differences are the fundamental reasons of measuring methods and their results. When
more » ... g in terms of developing countries, it has been seen that regarding capital flights which fall in importance and amount relatively between second half of 1990s and 2000s have extended fast from current years. This situation is not different for economies in transition. Currently the analyses regarding capital flights draw attention with its results that support concerns about transition countries. In this context, calculation methods and the results obtained constituted a different research subject for transition economies. Our study has aimed to analyze of capital flight for 1995-2015 period in the context of selected economies in transition. In analyses, World Bank (WDR 1985) calculation method of capital flight was used. The results have differentiated according to calculation methods, also draw attention to significant increases especially in current years and support concerns regarding increase of capital flight. While our study makes political suggestions directed at decreasing capital flights of relevant countries, redraw attention to discussion in this context.
doi:10.36880/c07.01727 fatcat:vm4mi6soxrb65eldn7uxpyigw4