Agropreneurship as a Sustainable Strategy for Economy Growth in Nigeria

2019 jecet  
Over the years, from the independence of Nigeria in 1960, Nigeria as a nation has been yearning for economic advancement to be named amongst the leading nations in Africa and the world as a whole. This longing over time has led to the decision of different administrations overtime to make various policies and decisions in a bid to simply and quickly eradicate poverty by improving the economy of the nation. The longing and search for quick solutions have caused instability in the continuity of
more » ... the continuity of growth of the nation and has led to poverty being on the steady rise in the nation. The nation has made agriculture to be its mainstream of the economy as it was the first means of economic advancement for her but it was soon abandoned due to the discovery of the fast and large income of the oil and gas sector. Due to the instability of this sector as a result of Nigeria's inability to refine the raw oil and due to the unstableness of the world oil and gas market, this sector has not been able to fulfill the desire of the nation to advance the economy. The feasible solution to this problem is to go back to the roots of our economy and begin to build again from the foundation. The nation would need to add value to her agricultural sector through the mechanization of the sector to boost export rates thereby increasing income and improving the means of living of the rural population.
doi:10.24214/jecet.a.8.4.40516 fatcat:rmqoqufayrg3hbykdhyomaga4u