Novel Multi-Modal Tools to Enhance Disabled and Distance Learners' Experience of Mathematics

Dilaksha Attanayake, Gordon Hunter, James Denholm-Price, Eckhard Pfluegel
2013 The International Journal on Advances in ICT for Emerging Regions  
This paper discusses ICT-related needs, with particular reference to studying mathematically-based disciplines, of several types of usersnotably people with physical disabilities, online (distance) learners and people working or studying "on the move", relying on mobile devices. We note the inadequacy of existing interfaces for mathematical input and output for these groups and investigate several options for addressing the problems. We present two tools that employ novel human computer
more » ... an computer interaction methods which allow users to create and edit mathematical content in electronic documents and address some of the above issues. We apply one of these in a user study in a classroom environment, aiming to investigate whether this system can assist students to learn mathematical concepts via creating mathematical e-content. We show that there is some evidence that, by using this tool, some students can improve their general understanding of mathematical concepts, comparing "deep" natural language descriptions with representations based on "shallow" application-specific interactions.
doi:10.4038/icter.v6i1.6098 fatcat:jckdw7apjrc75mc2zwqqvln47u