SVDTWDD Method for High Correct Recognition Rate Classifier with Appropriate Rejection Recognition Regions

Guowei Yang, Shaohua Qi, Teng Yu, Minghua Wan, Zhangjing Yang, Tianming Zhan, Fanlong Zhang, Zhihui Lai
2020 IEEE Access  
At present, regions of the same class determined by Support Vector Machines (SVM) classifier, Support Vector Domain Description (SVDD) classifier and Deep Learning (DL) classifier may occupy regions of other classes or unknown classes in feature space. There exists a risk that samples of other classes or unknown classes are wrongly classified as a known class. In this paper, the Support Vector Domain Tightly Wrapping Description Design (SVDTWDD) method with appropriate rejection regions and the
more » ... ion regions and the corresponding incremental learning algorithm are proposed to overcome the above problem. The main work includes: (1) We develop a construction algorithm of the tightly wrapping set for the homogeneous feature set; (2) Based on the homogeneous feature set and tightly wrapping set, a novel algorithm is presented for obtaining the tightly wrapping surface of the homogeneous feature region; (3) The method for constructing all the public regions outside of the tightly wrapping surface and the intersections of wrapping regions in two different tightly wrapping surfaces, as the rejection region of the classifier; (4) An incremental algorithm is also presented based on the SVD-TWDD method. The experimental results with UCI data sets show that the correct recognition rate of our proposed method is nearly100% even if with a low rejection rate. INDEX TERMS Classifier, geometric algebra, pattern recognition, support vector machine, support vector domain description, incremental learning, classification surface, wrapping learning.
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2978860 fatcat:t3z2srfpmjaqhkaznljtyuv5bm