LV. A Letter from the Reverend Dr. James Garden, Professor of Theology in the King's College at Aberdeen, to John Aubrey, Esq. on the circular Stone Monuments in Scotland

James Garden
1779 Archaeologia  
Yours, dated at London, April 9th, 1692, came to my hands about ten days after; since that time, I have been using my best endeavours for obtaining a satisfactory answer to your queries: if that which I now send you be not such as I desired, and, it may be, you expected, it is none of my fault: for I not only visited sundry of those antiquities (to the number of six or seven), concerning which you desire to be informed; but also employed the assistance of my friends, whereof some were going
more » ... some were going from this place to other parts of the country, and others live at a distance. I have been waiting all this time for an account of their diligence; and albeit I have not heard as yet from all those persons to whom I wrote and spoke for information, yet I thought it not fit to delay the giving you a return any longer, lest you should apprehend, either that your letter had miscarried, or that I had neglected the contents of it.
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