Passive Current Control Design for MMC in HVDC Systems through Energy Reshaping

Yiyan Sang, Bo Yang, Hongchun Shu, Na An, Fang Zeng, Tao Yu
2019 Electronics  
The complexity of the internal dynamics of a modular multi-level converter (MMC) has raised severe issues for designing corresponding controllers. The existing MMC cascaded control strategies, based on classical linear control theory, require a relatively complex structure to achieve control objectives and the parameter tuning processes during the corresponding controller design are normally difficult to solve for the highly non-linear systems with highly coupled states in MMC. On account of
more » ... s, advanced controllers are required for the regulation tasks of MMC. Passivity is introduced into the MMC control system by the passive control (PC) proposed in this paper. PC can provide an extra damping effect to help save energy through utilizing passivity in the system. A controllable de-coupled form is achieved by passivation of the output calculation. Hence, well-tuned controllers can be designed and employed to effectively regulate the output current and inner differential currents of the MMC under system operating point variation. Simulation results yield numerical data that show significantly improved steady-state and transient-state performances with greatly reduced control costs.
doi:10.3390/electronics8090967 fatcat:ft5fmxt44jbuvozaoawyv5b3qm