Baltic amber inspection: micro-macro-structural and luminescent analysis

Iana Verkhovskaia, A. Mottaeva
2019 E3S Web of Conferences  
The solution of the problem of amber (succinite) flaw detection by microscopic analysis and luminescent analysis of amber macrostructure is proposed. The proposed method allows to obtain a rapid analysis of the defective state of the material structure. Given the growing demand for the use of such materials on an industrial scale and the insufficiency of existing methods, the proposed method may be a new solution to the problem of flaw detection. The basis of the proposed method for studying
more » ... hod for studying the macro structure of amber is transmission spectroscopy, luminescent analysis method. Samples of raw, heat-treated and pressed amber of the Palmniken Deposit obtained in the city of Kaliningrad of the Russian Federation were used as objects of research. Samples of different degrees of transparency and heat treatment were selected. It is established that the distinctive luminescence intensity at the defect boundaries is a characteristic of the presence of internal defects of the material and indicates the location of internal fractures, microcracks and other mechanical damage. The proposed method may be of interest in the theory of knowledge of materials science, research related to the processes of flaw detection of organic materials.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/201913801010 fatcat:k7aumqxjpbfyzcvy4frb3dsgam