Local gravity network as a reference station for the IGRF

Oshchepkov Ilya, Sermyagin Roman
2019 Zenodo  
The newly created International Gravity Reference Frame (IGRF) will heavily rely on widely distributed reference stations. It is required that at any time of the year the instantaneous value of gravity will be available at such reference stations. It can be achieved very precisely with the continuously operating superconducting gravimeters or approximately with the periodical absolute gravity measurements. Apparently, the measurement frequency should be determined for each station separately,
more » ... ation separately, based on the analysis of temporal gravity changes from measurements and models. We discuss a particular case of the Moscow gravity network. It consists of several spatially separated points and can be considered as a reference station for the IGRF. This local network is a small part of the national gravity network and will ensure traceability to all type of gravimeters, relative and absolute, and to other stations through measurements. This topic is also discussed. Finally, we discuss a number of procedures required to maintain the local network in a working condition to ensure the highest possible accuracy for the IGRF.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2836463 fatcat:gtribjl55rh7dcted7rhg3vedu