Pattern Recognition through Computational Stylistics: Old English and Beyond

Michael Drout, Michael Kahn, Mark David LeBlanc
Professors Drout, Kahn, and LeBlanc have prepared a Level II proposal to prototype a suite of computational tools and statistical analyses to explore the Old English corpus. This work will serve as a proof of concept for the larger deployment of corpus-independent tools. Anticipated outcomes include scalable, open-source software to facilitate the computation and organization of word frequencies and other patterns and empirical measures of success when using various statistical analyses on the
more » ... al analyses on the condensed data. An additional and essential outcome from our perspective is how this research leads to and impacts the development of interdisciplinary course materials for our connected (interdisciplinary) undergraduate courses in English, Statistics, and Computer Science in order that computational analyses become a more inviting option for faculty and advanced research students in the Humanities.
doi:10.17613/m63h1m fatcat:arymckvjrjfmtgonf5ik7lar2q