Образ Женщины В Поэзии Булата Окуджавы

Козлова Алла Григорьевна, Лисова Дарья Эдуардовна
2015 Zenodo  
The article deals with realization peculiarities of woman's figure in Bulat Okudzhava's poetry, who is known as one of the greatest representatives of «men of the sixties». The analysis shows that female images have substantial representation in poet's works, who takes into account woman's age (a little girl, a girl, a woman, an old woman) as well as her interfamilial and marital status (a mother, a daughter, a sister, a bride, a wife, a widow). In poems on military topics the greater attention
more » ... e greater attention is given to images of the mother, the wife and the widow. In poetic texts written in the form of apostrophe to a woman the onymization of the appellative (Woman) together with the use of the capital letter in pronoun ―You‖ is observed. The cases of anthropomorphize and granting nature-made (or other) objects with distinctive appearance attributes of a woman are noted. The results of analysis of poetic texts make possible to assert that the poet combines planes of life and existence, mortal and heavenly, physical and spiritual in woman's figure. Spiritual or even divine female image of Okudzhava's poems preserves particular mortal features, although, there is no doubt that the eternal, the ―above-living‖ and the sacred have a higher position in poet's value hierarchy.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.33572 fatcat:uer4gy2zfvcxfn6yiwc2gw4r5u