Numerical Derivation of Iso-Damaged Curve for a Reinforced Concrete Beam Subjected to Blast Loading

Yehya Temsah, Ali Jahami, Jamal Khatib, M Sonebi, A. Diouri, A. Boukhari, L. Ait Brahim, L. Bahi, N. Khachani, M. Saadi, J. Aride, A. Nounah
2018 MATEC Web of Conferences  
Many engineering facilities are severely damaged by blast loading. Therefore, many manufacturers of sensitive, breakable, and deformed structures (such as facades of glass buildings) carry out studies and set standards for these installations to withstand shock waves caused by explosions. Structural engineers also use these standards in their designs for various structural elements by following the ISO Damage Carve, which links pressure and Impulse. As all the points below this curve means that
more » ... is curve means that the structure is safe and will not exceed the degree of damage based on the various assumptions made. This research aims to derive the Iso-Damage curve of a reinforced concrete beam exposed to blast wave. An advanced volumetric finite element program (ABAQUS) will be used to perform the derivation.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201714902016 fatcat:3zr5xfhe2rfflk7e3oqab4ncme