Detection and Quantization of Bearing Fault in Direct Drive Wind Turbine via Comparative Analysis

Wei Teng, Rui Jiang, Xian Ding, Yibing Liu, Zhiyong Ma
2016 Shock and Vibration  
Bearing fault is usually buried by intensive noise because of the low speed and heavy load in direct drive wind turbine (DDWT). Furthermore, varying wind speed and alternating loads make it difficult to quantize bearing fault feature that indicates the degree of deterioration. This paper presents the application of multiscale enveloping spectrogram (MuSEnS) and cepstrum to detect and quantize bearing fault in DDWT. MuSEnS can manifest fault modulation information adaptively based on the
more » ... ased on the capacity of complex wavelet transform, which enables the weak bearing fault in DDWT to be detected. Cepstrum can calculate the average interval of periodic components in frequency domain and is suitable for quantizing bearing fault feature under varying operation conditions due to the logarithm weight on the power spectrum. Through comparing a faulty DDWT with a normal one, the bearing fault feature is evidenced and the quantization index is calculated, which show a good application prospect for condition monitoring and fault diagnosis in real DDWT.
doi:10.1155/2016/2378435 fatcat:gi3mzy6tobfqlfveon5kfr6esi