Studies on removal of Bromo Phenol Blue dye using Sargassum Muticum powder and Optimization using Central Composite Design

Dr Ch, A Raju, K Satyanandam
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
The never ending demand for the process industry like textile, paints and pigments have been of major concern now a days, due to the increased fraction of dyes pollution. The extraction of the above pollution can only be solved using biosorption. Hence an attempt is made using sargarrsum muticum (brown algae) powder for the removal of bromo phenol blue dye. The variables incorporated are time of agitation, biosorbent size, pH, initial concentration, dosage of biosorbent and temperature. The
more » ... emperature. The entire experiment process have followed lagengren first order kinetics and langmuir isotherm. The option pH was obtained at 4. The variation of temperature has been found to be increasing up to a certain limit and then after attainable equilibrium, it remained constant. The total experimentation was carried out in a batch process