Dynamic establishment of the gut bacterial ecology of cows from birth to adulthood [post]

2019 unpublished
The gut microbiota plays multiple critical roles in maintaining the health of the host, especially in ruminants; however, our understanding of the process of gut microbiota establishment from birth to adulthood remains limited. Here, we investigated the bacterial ecology in the gastrointestinal segments (rumen, abomasum, duodenum and rectum) of Holstein cows from 1 week to 5 years of age by 16S rRNA gene sequencing to illustrate the dynamic establishment of gastrointestinal microbiota of cows.
more » ... icrobiota of cows. Results: We revealed a major change in the composition, diversity, and abundance of bacteria with age increase. Remarkably, the gut bacterial community was found to be age-discriminatory, and microbiota gradually matured in each segment of the gut which followed a natural logarithmic function by applying a maturity index algorithm, that meant gut microbiota was established quickly in young animals, then slowed with age. Using the Bayesian algorithm of Source-Tracker, we demonstrated that the proportion of bacterial transfer from the foregut to the hindgut was also higher in young animals, and then decreased sharply with age. Conclusions: Our findings demonstrated gastrointestinal microbiota was established quickly during young period of cows and highlighted the "window period" of 18 weeks after birth for cows to establish their gut bacterial community. This insight into gut microbiota might have important ecological applications in protecting gut health or manipulating the gut microbiota of cows.
doi:10.21203/rs.2.9471/v1 fatcat:peehmsw3pfddlkjd6utyi4qmwm