Total egg production and duration of development of the Callosobruchus maculatus (L.), (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

Yahya Abboud
2010 Egyptian Academic Journal of Biological Sciences  
All numbers of eggs produced by individual Yemeni females of Callosobruchus maculates (F) on various numbers of cowpeas were calculated. Yemeni females laid around 29, 62 or 29, 66 when supplied with one cowpea, but when provided with more than one and the egg production increased 31,7. Very rare two adults emerged from a single cowpea regardless the number of eggs laid on the cowpea. The daily quantity of eggs produced declined when females provided daily with new cowpeas and removed the old
more » ... es, which had access to the females. Developmental durations varied between individuals and the lowest and highest in developmental duration were observed.
doi:10.21608/eajbsa.2010.15202 fatcat:xma2mvvm2fc4df3s6hcyc7ewsu