A study of parameters affecting the solvent extraction of lactic acid from fermentation broth

I. S. Udachan, A. K. Sahoo
2014 Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering  
Lactic acid has recently been drawing much interest as a raw material for biodegradable polymer. One of the promising technologies for recovery of lactic acid from fermentation broth is reactive liquid-liquid extraction. Equilibrium studies on the reactive extraction of lactic acid with trioctylamine (TOA) in various organic phases and its re-extraction into aqueous solutions were carried out. In this study distribution coefficient, extractability, stripping efficiency of various active and
more » ... ious active and inert diluents with TOA as extractant were investigated, which were higher for active diluents. The effects of operating temperature, speed of agitation, agitation time and diluent composition on extraction efficiency were also studied. Temperature and extraction efficiency were inversely proportional to each other, whereas extraction efficiency was little affected by speed of agitation and agitation time.
doi:10.1590/0104-6632.20140313s00002495 fatcat:dzqco4jxxraenkxm7w5toeyvxm