International Science Community Association 39 challenges to save natural resources and protect economic environment

J Res, Sci
2016 unpublished
Nature offers all resources (land, labour, capital) Man extracts nature for his survival but it leads to human destruction wh it is extracted for greed. The Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) consists of five countries of the world. Green Economics means growth of income and employment which reduces pollution, enhance resource efficiency and helps to prevent biodiversity that is driven by public and private investments. scarcities, environmental risks and aims for sustainable
more » ... ims for sustainable development. The sustainable economies aggressively. All economies do stress on green economics. This paper highlights the issues of green economics and sustainability as an opportunity and challenging of BRICS countries. This paper assesses the growing power and capacity building to resolve impending problems. driving forces in the renewable energy and sus to be taken into consideration by individual country as well as in block for green and sustainable economics. This paper argues that through green economics and sustainable d environmental.