Nikhith Suvarna
2020 EPRA international journal of research & development  
In simple terms, Anti-Forensics can be told as the techniques used to counter forensic analysis done by forensic investigators. This paper mainly focuses on some of the most used anti-forensics techniques along with the challenges the forensics investigator faces. There are many tools and techniques available that when used properly can be highly effective against the forensic analysis techniques. Various tools assist you against various anti-forensics techniques like Elimination of evidence
more » ... tion of evidence source, Data hiding, and Trail obfuscation. These techniques are used mainly to make the investigation consume more time and money. Sensor Noise Camera Identification is a way to link a photo with the camera the photo was taken from using a noise signature that is unique for every camera. KEYWORDS: Anti-Forensics (AF), Forensic Analysis, Anti-Forensic Techniques, Sensor Noise Camera Identification
doi:10.36713/epra4271 fatcat:amv6ymv7svcsfnccwnxqdbxmma