Surface Conduction Analysis of EMG Signal from Forearm Muscles(Mechanical Systems)

Yasuhiro NAKAJIMA, Satoshi YOSHINARI, Shigeru TADANO
sEMG )arc noninN , asive a ロ d simp ] e to apP 【 y to obtain signnls uf lrluscle action potentia ] s . Th ピ sEMG potenti ; ils of muscles Llear 仁 he elec し rode a τ e superimposed . To identify the musule actlviUes Erom sEMG measurementsjt is ne 〔ess ary first tD analyze thc charneteristics of sEMG couductieTi ir ] the f〔,rearm , This paper develups a conduction model of the forearm that lmcorporates thc muscles and the radius and ulna bones . sEMG distributions wcre annlyzed using し he finite
more » ... using し he finite elernent met } 〕od , The rootmean squar 已 〔 RMS )values of sEMG values and the p 〔) wor exp 〔 ment of attenu7at [ on in relatio [ 1 to the Iength betwe { ! ll the electrode and 亡he source of muscle acti ( ) n PotentiaI wcre estiniated in this 耳v 〔}rk . F しirther 、 the posit, { ( )IIs 〔 〕 f the lnuscle actioll potential were reverse − estlmated usillg しhc KMS values and the power exp 〔 ,nellt ofattenuation . As a rcsult , t . he pe zik potentia 工posi 匸 ion of the sEMG d[ stributions − , us distorted at n circunlferential ang [ e arou τld the loτ】 gitudinal axis 〔 〕fthc modeklp し o a maxirnulll Qf48 囗 . The power expollent ⊂ } f atte 【 luatkm was 「 Gund to inc「case monQ 匸 onical ! v wit } 1 increases in the inter − elecLr 〔 } c] e distullce ( IED )り f the suT ・ face elec . tl 「 ode pair . The errors in 仁 he estima し ed pos [ tiOTIs of rnuscle uction po しential increased with decreases in the distal ユce between the s 〔〕urce of musclc ac . tien potcntial and the radius and ulna bones .
doi:10.1299/kikaic.75.695 fatcat:ebfbkghjkbbbpesvoc22zv5jp4