Plane Geometry. Books IV. and V

J. S. Mackay
1906 Mathematical Gazette  
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more » ... REVIEWS. curriculum, especially as the Civil Service Commissioners have introduced the elements of it into their programmes of examination work. Planimetrie fir das Gymnasium. By G. HOLZMULLER. Erste Teil. Zweite Auflage. (Teubner.) A course of Plane Geometry up to and including proportion, with practical applications. It will bear comparison with any of the numerous works of the same range that have been published in the United Kingdom since 1902. The treatment is able and suggestive, the diagrams excellent and done on a generous scale, e.g. those on the Radical Axis and Coaxal Circles. Like Dr. Mackay, the author has inserted many historical notes and references. Auslese aus meiner Unterrichts-und Vorlesungs-praxis. By PROF. DR. H. SCHUBERT. Erste Band. (G6schen, Leipzig.) An interesting work dealing with several subjects, of which the ordinary mathematical student finds it difficult to obtain the information he wants without consulting large works which are difficult of access. Of its 10 sections, II. (on the division of the circle into 17 equal parts), VIII. (on the 'Konstantenzahl' of a polyhedron), and X. (Circles and Spheres), strike us as the most attractive. The last gives among its six sub-sections Steiner's solution of the problem, To describe a circle to touch 3 given circles. In I. the author shows how the logarithms of the prime numbers may be calculated successively by means of the conditions:
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