Obtención de alquenos aplicando los principios de la química verde

J. Gustavo Ávila-Zárraga, Susana Cano, Irma Gavilán-García
2010 Educacion Quimica  
Alkenes' Preparation via Principles of Green Chemistry) The dehydration of alcohols to obtain alkenes is commonly performed in the presence of an acid as the catalyst at high temperature. This reaction is an important method in basic Organic Chemistry. Green Chemistry pursues the chemical production of compounds preventing the generation of hazardous waste, as well as minimizing the impacts to health and the environment. In this sense, the incorporation of the most of the principles of the
more » ... nciples of the Green Chemistry into the teaching of undergraduate lab-work is now desirable. Thus, the goal of this work is to offer an interesting green approach for the reaction of alcohol dehydration using as, primary alcohols: 1-heptanol and 1-octanol; as secondary alcohols: cyclohexanol and 2-methylcyclohexanol, and as tertiary alcohol 1-methylcyclohexanol, using an activated bentonitic clay (Tonsil) as the catalyst. The reactions proceed with good yields and shorter times.
doi:10.1016/s0187-893x(18)30170-8 fatcat:y6uijutk2jbctmw2n5hriqdj6a