Improved measurement of two-mode quantum correlations using a phase-sensitive amplifier

Tian Li, Brian E. Anderson, Travis Horrom, Bonnie L. Schmittberger, Kevin M. Jones, Paul D. Lett
2017 Optics Express  
We demonstrate the ability of a phase-sensitive amplifier (PSA) to pre-amplify a selected quadrature of one mode of a two-mode squeezed state in order to improve the measurement of two-mode quantum correlations that exist before degradation due to optical and detection losses. We use four-wave mixing (4WM) in $^{85}$Rb vapor to generate bright beams in a two-mode squeezed state. One of these two modes then passes through a second 4WM interaction in a PSA configuration to noiselessly pre-amplify
more » ... elessly pre-amplify the desired quadrature of the mode before loss is intentionally introduced. We demonstrate an enhancement in the measured degree of intensity correlation and intensity-difference squeezing between the two modes.
doi:10.1364/oe.25.021301 pmid:29041429 fatcat:5vkft5xk75bz3gos2qihg5s5q4