A Study on the Research Model for Healthy Urban and Architectural Environment
건강한 건축·도시환경을 위한 연구모형 구축에 관한 연구

Kwangseok Choi
2013 Journal of The Korea Institute of Healthcare Architecture  
Purpose: Health is one of the most important interests in current and future human society. Various efforts, which to maintain and promote their good health conditions, continue to be tried in future urban and architectural environment. The purpose of this study is to establish an integrated framework of research approaches for healthy urban and architectural environment that continuously promotes health according to people's entire life course. Methods: This was done by literature reviews,
more » ... rature reviews, which is related to interdisciplinary researches for the determinants of health and healthy environment. Results: As a result of this study, an integrated research model, as a methodology, was proposed. This explains the concept of integrated research approaches for urban and architectural environment in the respect of people's health. Integrated health concept includes not only the area of health care environment to have recovery and treatment but also the daily living environment for people who have potential of being ill, and finally the city environment for entire people as health supporting elements including safety and primary prevention. Implications: Under the basis of this model, according to the life course, various researches on sustainable healthy urban and architectural environment should be followed from now on. The model should also be continuously complemented and developed into a standard of healthy environment.
doi:10.15682/jkiha.2013.19.1.035 fatcat:3fngoiyoibcdfa77k4k5ppnyf4