Parameters associated with growth factors of five fish species in the Atrai River, Dinajpur, Bangladesh

MR Islam, MG Azom
2018 Bangladesh Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research  
<p>For evaluation of Fulton's condition factor (CF<sub>f</sub>), relative body weight (BW<sub>r</sub>) and form (a<sub>3.0</sub>) factor affecting growth, 5 fishes (Aspidoparia jaya, Gagata cenia, G. youssoufi, Salmophasia bacaila and S. phulo) were collected from the Atari River in Dinajpur district of Bangladesh. Significant differences (p &lt; 0.05) were recorded among the values of CF<sub>f </sub>(0.47-1.56) but not for BW<sub>r</sub> (79.60- 128.39). Based on CFf values, analysis of
more » ... analysis of similarities (ANOSIM, p &lt; 0.01) revealed that maximum distances (R = 0.9946) were found between G. youssoufi and S. bacaila while lowest (R = 0.2175) between G. cenia and S. phulo. Using two-dimensional nMDS scaling of CF<sub>f </sub>and BW<sub>r</sub>, G. youssoufi showed good health condition (CF<sub>f</sub> = 1.22±0.01; BW<sub>r</sub> = 100.63±0.79) and were separated (stress = 0.0003) from other fishes. Lowest a<sub>3.0</sub> value was noted for S. bacaila (0.004) and highest for G. youssoufi (0.012). Therefore, G. youssoufi showed healthier and former body with more adaptability in this river than those of others. These are the first records for proper management of above mentioned fish species and future research in the near future.</p><p>Bangladesh J. Sci. Ind. Res.<strong>53(2)</strong>, 155-160, 2018</p>
doi:10.3329/bjsir.v53i2.36677 fatcat:oonsc7ooxfe4zei6lshvq6746i