A Comparison between Finland and China on Off-Campus Education of Primary and Secondary Schools

Qi He, Daoling Fu
2014 Open Journal of Social Sciences  
In 2011, the National Education Committee of Finland published "The Framework for Off-campus Education in Primary and Secondary Schools", which stipulated the goals, content, and implementing guarantee of the off-campus education in primary and secondary schools. Besides, while emphasizing the equal importance of on-campus and off-campus education, the "Framework" also advocated schools to actively deal with the challenges posed to off-campus education, ensured its high quality and efficiency
more » ... ty and efficiency from all aspects, and cultivated primary and secondary school students' emotional cognition, so as to enhance the level of their moral cognition. As a result, The "Framework" has profoundly promoted the development of off-campus education in Finnish primary and secondary schools. The off-campus education of china has certain problems relatively, such as the lack of system management, while quality is not guaranteed. However China has invested a lot of human, financial and material resources in basic education these years, and appropriate measures have been taken to address the problem of excessive burden on students. Moreover, much importance was attached to strengthening the construction and management of off-campus education sites, and enriching students' extracurricular education. The author's current study opted to compare Finland and China on Off-campus Education of Primary and Secondary Schools. Implications for Chinese education are discussed.
doi:10.4236/jss.2014.29051 fatcat:ovbvkvmryfhkhbtwdnvsturgui