Design of the High Beta 650 MHz Cryomodule - PIP II

Vincent Roger, Thomas Nicol, Yuriy Orlov, White, Marion (Ed.), Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.), Shiltsev, Vladimir (Ed.), Power, Maria (Ed.)
In this paper the design of the high beta 650 MHz cryomodule will be presented. This cryomodule is composed of six 5-cell 650 MHz elliptical cavities, designed for β=0.92. These cryomodules are the last elements of the Super Conducting (SC) linac architecture which is the main component of the Proton Improvement Plan-II (PIP-II) at Fermilab. This paper summarizes the design choices which have been done. Mechanical, thermal and cryogenic analyses have been performed to ensure the proper
more » ... the proper operation. First the concept of having a strong-back at room temperature has been validated. Then the heat loads have been estimated and all the components have been integrated inside the cryomodule by designing the supports, the beam line, the thermal shield and the cryogenic lines. All these elements and the calculations leading to the design of this cryomodule will be described in this paper.
doi:10.18429/jacow-napac2016-mopob36 fatcat:vziu44hf3zbpxlhwyjk6wcdpyu