Space Planning: The Final Frontier

Eunice Haugen
We seek funding to plan a process of renovating and refurbishing the Goldstein Museum of Design's (GMD's) largest collection storage area, which houses textiles and non-label historic costume (apparel). The plan would be used to prepare to seek funding for implementation of the renovation and re-housing of objects stored in this storage space. We estimate this planning to take one year, beginning in the fall of 2012. As a part of this plan, the museum staff, environmental engineer, textile
more » ... ineer, textile conservator and the UMN facilities manager would assess the museum's environmental systems, set points and policies that address the balance of environmental preservation (reducing one's carbon footprint) and create a sustainable climate in which the artifacts can be stored and preserved for generations to come. The 1,255 square feet collection storage area that will be the subject of our planning is home to 13,000 objects or approximately 45\u0025 of the collection.
doi:10.17613/m6qm17 fatcat:bgfs52i3xbepfjcgefnzpcasgi