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Евгения Викторовна Панфилова, Evgeniya Victorovna Panfilova
1996 Teorija verojatnostej i ee primenenija  
Том 41 И ЕЕ ПРИМЕНЕНИЯ Выпуск 1 1996 Новые книги В а с с е 1 1 i F., Bremaud P. Elements of queueing theory. Palm-mar tingale calculus and stochastic recurrences. Berlin etc., Springer, 1994, 256 p. (Applica tions of mathematics. Vol. 26). Bakry D. et al. Lectures on probability theory. Ed. Bernard P. Ecole d'ete de probabilities de Saint-Flour XXII-1992. Berlin etc., Springer, 1994, 419 p. (Lecture notes in mathematics. Vol. 1581). Bass R. Probabilistic techniques in analysis. Berlin etc.,
more » ... s. Berlin etc., Springer, 1995, 350 p. (Probability and its applications). В о r k a г V. S. Probability theory. Berlin etc., Springer, 1995, 145 p. В г e i t i n g K.-W. Asymptotic approximations for probability integrals. Berlin etc., Springer, 1994, 146 p. (Lecture notes in mathematics. Vol. 1592). Bremaud P. An introduction to probabilistic modeling. Berlin etc., Springer, 1 st ed. 1988, 2nd printing 1994, 207 p. (Undergraduate texts in mathematics). С a 1 u g e C. Information and randomness: An algorithmic perspective. Forew. by Chaitin Gregory J. and Salomaa Arto. Berlin etc., Springer, 1995, XVI, 240 p. (Monogr. in theoretical computer science). Chung K. L., Zhao Z. From Brownian motion to Schrodinger's equation. Berlin etc., Springer, 1995, 304 p. (Grundlehren der mathematischen wissenschaften. Vol. 312). С s e n k i A. Dependability for systems with a partitioned state Markov and semi-Markov theory and computational implementation. From statistics to neural networks: Theory and pat tern recognition applications: Proc. of the NATO Advanced study inst. from statis tics to neural networks, theory and pattern applications, held in Les arcs, Bourg Saint Maurice, France, June 21-July 2, 1993. Ed. Cherkasske V. et al. Berlin etc., Springer, 1994, XII, 394 p. (NATO ASI ser. Ser F: Computer and systems sciences. Vol. 136). G i f i A. Nonlinear multivariate analysis. Chichester (W. Sx) etc., Wiley, 1990, XX, 579 p. (Wiley ser. in probability and mathem. statistics). Новые книги 235 Guyon X. Random fields on a network. Modelling, statistics, and applications. Berlin etc., Springer, 1995, 275 p. (Probability and its applications a series of the applied probability trust). Helmke U. et al. A controllability test for general first-order representa tions. Amsterdam, 1995, 13 p. (Report centrum voor wiskunde en informatica. Dep. of operations research, statistics, and system theory). Isaac R. E. The pleasures of probability. Berlin etc., Springer, 1995, 241 p. (Undergraduate text in mathematics). Kelly F. P., Williams R. J. Stochastic networks. Berlin etc., Sprin ger, 1995, 460 p. (The IMA volumes in mathematics and its applications. Vol. 71.) Kloeden P. E., Platen E., Schuri H. Numerical solution of SDE through computer experiments. Berlin etc., Springer, 1994, 292 p. Kloeden P. E., Platen E. Numerical solution of stochastic differen tial equations. Berlin etc., Springer, Corr. 2nd printed 1995, 632 p. (Applications of mathematics stochastic modelling and applied probability. Vol. 23). Kohlas J., Monney P.-A. A mathematical theory of hints. Berlin etc., Springer, 1995, 419 p. (Lecture notes in economics and mathematical systems. Vol. 425). Kurita T. A study on applications of statistical methods to flexible informa tion processing. о у a n D. Statistical models of random polyhedra. Amsterdam, 1995, 14 p. (Report centrum voor wiskunde en informatica. Dep. of operations research, statistics and system theory). Nelson F. Probability, stochastic processes and qeueing theory. The mathe matical of computer performance modelling. Berlin etc., Springer, 1995, 596 p., 50 ill. Pitman J. Probability. Berlin etc., Springer, 1995, 559 p. R e v и s D., Y о r M. Continuous martingales and Brownian motion. Berlin etc., Springer, 1995, 571 p. (Grundlehren der mathematischen wissenschaften. Vol. 29). Robert CP. The Bayesian choice. A decision theoretic motivation.
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