Musical Theorists in Translation

Hans Tischler, Luther Dittmer
1959 Notes  
This paper explores some translation schools or translation theories advocated by the female translation theorists in the west, who, hard-working and sensitive in translation studies, challenging the traditional translation principles and criteria, have been pioneering in the trend of cultural turn and opened up new areas of translation studies of post-colonialism translation norms, corpus-based translation research and conflict in war and functional translation viewpoint with outrageous
more » ... h outrageous novelties, and flaunting the signs of female translation theories. It calls for the attention to their major translation concepts and the importance of their studies in the translation field. Firstly, behind the feminist translation theory, there are profound cultural, educational backgrounds and important identities. They, brave and strong, with sharp tongue, have different cognition to the faithfulness of translation theory from the female standpoint, and create an iconic female English word "womenhandling" to evaluate the translated text. Second, the translation perspective paid close attention to by feminist translation theorists deeply reflects their feminist translation aesthetics, values and the unique cognition of their female gender characteristics in translation. Thirdly, feminist translation theorists have a unique understanding of the nature of translation with sensitive to the trend of translation, and novel perspectives. Their specific viewpoints and indelible contributions can't be ignored in the world translation field.
doi:10.2307/893843 fatcat:tr7z7niiezbzdftdydaop723mm