J102011 Research on Dynamic Response of a Rolling Agricultural Tire
J102011 農用タイヤの転動時の動的応答に関する研究

Katsuhide FUJITA, Takashi SAITO, Mitsugu KANEKO
2012 The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress Japan  
Tbkiwadai 2 − 14 − 1, Ube − shi, Yamaguchi , 755 − 8555 Japan When agricultural machines are operated on pavements, the vibration and noise caused by the interaction between the tire lugs and the road sur 伍 ce are inevitable . The aim ofthis study is to examine the dynamic response ofrolling agricultural tire in order to identif シ the lug excitation fbrce. ln a conventional study , it is considered that the dynamic behavior of a rolling agricultural tirc is influenced by the vibration
more » ... stics ofthe tire . Resonance occurs when the lug excitation frequency ofthe tire , which is defined as the lug number multiplied by the number ofrevolutions of
doi:10.1299/jsmemecj.2012._j102011-1 fatcat:tp6enpukyregllt6rzdmyy45ai