Separation Behavior of Anions on ODS Modified with Phthalocyanine Cobalt(III) Complex

Eva Mecs KOCSIS, Sadayuki KOIZUMI, Tadashi SAKANE, Koji TAKAHASHI, Toshihiko IMATO
1997 Analytical Sciences  
A stationary phase was prepared by modification of octadecyl silanized silica gels (ODS) with phthalocyanine cobalt (III) for separation of anions. The elution sequence of anions on the column packed with the modified ODS is in the order of Cl" < N03" < C104" < I" < SCN" < N02, which was quite different from the elution sequence observed on a conventional anion exchange column. The strong retention of N02" on the column was explained by a result of adsorption experiment of N02 and N03 on the
more » ... 2 and N03 on the modified ODS.
doi:10.2116/analsci.13.supplement_195 fatcat:tan2bteclvenfnifszd6h7m4ly