"Zawiedzione nadzieje" — oczekiwania polityczne i działalność pierwszego parlamentu Wielkiej Rumunii (1919–1920)

Andrzej Dubicki
2019 Przegląd Sejmowy  
For Romania, 1918 above all meant the implementation of the national unification program. As a result of a favourable and unique coincidence, Romania emerged victorious from the de facto already lost war, thanks to which the land that had previously belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Russia was incorporated to the Old Kingdom. The significant enlargement of the country's territory and the events that had taken place during the war were a perfect pretext to carry out radical changes in
more » ... radical changes in the Romanian parliamentary system . In the unique atmosphere of consensus new common rules for the whole country were introduced (universal elections to the Chamber of Deputies and Senate, the principle of equality of the vote), at the same time allowing some certain -sometimes quite significant -changes reflecting local diversities, usually referring to previous electoral regulations . The change in the manner of electing the parliament as well as the membership therein of politicians from the incorporated areas gave hope for improving the condition of political and civic culture in Romania . Unfortunately, politicians who appeared in the Romanian system began to adapt to the old system and old political culture instead of adapting them to their needs and thus changing them . Słowa kluczowe: Rumunia, parlament, system wyborczy
doi:10.31268/ps.2019.05 fatcat:vdvp4roalne7dknysoh23ilx3u