Mikail KAR, Bahar BAYSAL KAR
2019 International Journal of Management Economics and Business  
The demand structure in mobile telecommunications markets provides important information about market behavior for policy makers and operators. The main purpose of this study is to examine the demand structure in mobile telecommunication markets with the example of OECD countries and to demonstrate the long-term demand elasticities. In this context, long-term demand elasticities are estimated with the help of the AMG estimator, which allows for heterogeneity, using quarterly panel data for the
more » ... eriod of 2005-2015 of 22 OECD countries. According to the results of the estimation in the long-term for the country group, the price elasticity of demand is -0.53 and the income elasticity of the demand is 0.36. Other results show that demand elasticities vary considerably between countries, depending on the countryspecific characteristics.
doi:10.17130/ijmeb.2019456394 fatcat:uw2ds4hsqbendgkkz3resuvmdm