Динамическая асимметрия сети пассивного режима работы мозга у больных дисциркуляторной энцефалопатией

В.Ф. Фокин, Н.В. Пономарева, Р.Н. Коновалов, М.В. Кротенкова, Р.Б. Медведев, О.В. Лагода, М.М. Танашян
In 26 patients with dyscirculatory encephalopathy the influence of some kinds of dynamic interhemispheric asymmetry on the characteristics of the default mode network (DMN) was studied. Dynamic asymmetries associated with bilateral difference of the blood flow in the internal carotid arteries and the difference of the direct current potentials in temporal areas of the right and left hemispheres were selected. The direct current potentials were used to evaluate energy metabolism of the brain.
more » ... sm of the brain. Selected dynamic characteristics of functional asymmetry were associated with cognitive functions. The one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to determine clusters which localized in DMN and connected with these dynamic characteristics. Three of the four such clusters were localized near the sagittal plane separating the right and left hemispheres. It is assumed that such localization of clusters indicates their ability to modulate the interhemispheric transmission of nerve impulses and thereby influence cognitive functions.
doi:10.25692/asy.2019.13.1.004 fatcat:xeffhh5r5bhvzozqwx24nmkgh4