Pemanfaatan Tanaman Hasil Rekayasa Genetik: Status, Regulasi, dan Metode Deteksi di Indonesia

Bahagiawati Bahagiawati, Sutrisno Sutrisno
2007 Jurnal AgroBiogen  
<p>Application of Genetically Modified Crops: Status, Regulation,<br />and Detection Method in Indonesia. Bahagiawati<br />and Sutrisno. Global area of transgenic crop was increase<br />tremendously. The number of country accepting of planting<br />and/or marketing the transgenic crops and its derivative<br />products also become more numberous. However, due to<br />existing controversy on the benefit and risk, the application<br />of transgenic crops was governed by regulations to protect<br
more » ... ons to protect<br />the consumer and environment from its unwanted effects.<br />There are some international conventions that managing<br />and controlling the uses of these crops, one of them was<br />Cartagena protocol that Indonesia ratified in 2004. Indonesia<br />also launched a regulation upon labelling package food<br />derived from transgenic crops in 1999. To implement either<br />the Cartagena protocol and labelling regulation, Indonesia<br />needs to increase its capacity to detect the present of the<br />transgenic crop product either in raw, and proceesed food.<br />This review will discuss about the development of the<br />application of transgenic crop and its product globally, and<br />list of transgenic crops that have been accepted and<br />approved as safe for human consumption and environment.<br />The regulations upon the application of transgenic crop in<br />Indonesia also be informed. Some metodologies to detect<br />the presence of the genetically modified food that are<br />generally use in some countries also be discussed in this<br />review.</p>
doi:10.21082/jbio.v3n1.2007.p40-48 fatcat:iarloytc45gdlb4zbcyo34tany