Regret after purchasing fashion goods - Need for cognition and fashion leadership as antecedents and dissatisfaction, regret solving process and re-buying intention as consequences -
패션제품 구매 후 후회 - 선행변수로서의 인지욕구, 유행선도력과 결과변수로서의 불만족, 후회해소과정 및 재구매의도 -

Nam Hae Cho, Soo Kyeong Park
2015 The Research Journal of the Costume Culture  
The purposes of this study were to investigate the influences of need for cognition (NFC) and fashion leadership on regret after purchasing fashion goods in female consumers and examine the relationships between regret and its dependent variables (i.e., dissatisfaction, regret resolution, and rebuying intentions). Data collection was conducted through a survey for females in their 20s~40s, and 642 questionnaires were used for final data analyses in which frequency analysis, factor analysis,
more » ... actor analysis, reliability analysis, and regression were applied using SPSS 14.0. The results were as follows. The higher NFC was or the lower fashion leadership was, the higher the degree of regret, as NFC and fashion leadership both had a significant influence on regret. In terms of the dependent variables, the higher the degree of regret, the higher the degree of dissatisfaction and ultimately the lower the rebuying intentions. In addition, the influence of regret on regret resolution and the influence of regret resolution on rebuying intentions were significant. This study verified that consumers' characteristics and feelings of regret had a significant influence on their buying behavior of fashion goods. The results suggest that consumers' feelings of regret (which influence consumer satisfaction and rebuying intentions) should be considered in terms of competitive marketing strategies at fashion companies.
doi:10.7741/rjcc.2015.23.5.846 fatcat:iranv57mxrcwxfl2tefhvfbve4