Threats to endangered musk deer (Moschus chrysogaster) in the Khaptad National Park, Nepal

Tilak Thapamagar, Shivish Bhandari, Kishor Ghimire, Daya Ram Bhusal
2019 Folia Oecologica  
The Alpine musk deer (Moschus chrysogaster) is classified as an "Endangered" species by the IUCN Red list category. We studied anthropogenic pressure on the musk deer population in the Khaptad National Park, Nepal. The questionnaire survey was applied from October to November 2018. Out of 111 respondents, 77% reported that the primary objective for poacher kills to the musk deer was musk pod, followed by skin (15%) and meat (8%). The major part of the killing tools represented traps; however,
more » ... d traps; however, 23% respondents stated that poachers also use snares, 20% respondents reported guns, and 18% persons interviewed had no idea regarding the tool the poachers use to kill the musk deer. There was a significant difference between the male and female respondents regarding their opinion on musk deer conservation; male respondents exhibited more positive attitudes towards musk deer conservation than female respondents (Chi-squared 8.21; P < 0.05). People based conservation awareness programs and alternative income generating sources must be employed for long term musk deer conservation in the Nepal Himalayas.
doi:10.2478/foecol-2019-0020 fatcat:b6y4nrxlebf5ndup23undwn4ne