2013 Curriculum Reflected in an International Oriented Senior High School, Yogyakarta

Noor Chairani
2015 Sino-US English Teaching  
Curriculum is one of important factors which contribute to improving learner's ability and potency in education. Curriculum used in school has a purpose to make learners be active and creative persons. It is an education plan that emphasizes the competency of learners. Indonesia, through its Ministry of Education, implements 2013 Curriculum officially that reflects the competency of learners. This curriculum is actually similar with competence-based curriculum which concentrates on learners. In
more » ... senior high school level, English becomes one of the subjects of final national examination and also this is the last level for learners before they continue their study to university. International oriented school is a school that applies English as a second language and also a school cooperates with or uses international standard curriculum. Reflecting learning and teaching English in senior high school especially in the international oriented school is very important and needs special attention. This research investigates the implementation of curriculum in the international oriented senior high school in Yogyakarta. From the research, it is known that the school officially does not implement 2013 Curriculum. However, ACT (Assessment Certificate Test) curriculum and the values of the school automatically reflect the 2013 Curriculum because the school empowering implementation of competency-based curriculum in learning process that focuses on learner-centered learning, facilitating assessments of process of learning and fostering learners' autonomy through the curriculum is reflected in the school essentially in the programs and activities.
doi:10.17265/1539-8072/2015.08.004 fatcat:fcxon7zfxfazlcf7qkcrbs5f6u