Bør man tillate at norske statsborgere benytter seg av surrogati i India?

Annelin Haukeland, Liv Cathrine Heggebø, Kristine Bærøe
2013 Etikk i Praksis: Nordic Journal of Applied Ethics  
Nøkkelord: surrogati, Norge-India, utnyttelse, autonomi, regulering av prosessen English summary: Should Norwegian citizens be permitted to use surrogacy in India? Surrogacy is not permitted in Norway, and the government strongly advises against Norwegian citizens travelling abroad to have children through the use of the surrogacy industry. In this article, we focus on commercial gestational surrogacy and debate the question: Should Norwegian citizens be permitted to use surrogacy in India? The
more » ... ogacy in India? The ethical concerns regarding surrogacy are complex and are especially challenging when the service is offered in a country with big cultural and economic differences both internal and in comparison to Norway. We base our analysis of this ethical, challenging question on Beauchamp's and Childress's well-established approach within biomedical ethics. We apply the four principles of respect 3-17 ETIKK I PRAKSIS NR. 2 2013 4 for autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence and justice to shed light on the conflicts of interests in this ethical dilemma. With full awareness that there are no simple and correct solutions to dilemmas in general and on this issue, especially, our conclusion is that the interests of the involved parties, and especially those of the surrogate mothers, might be better attended to if surrogacy is allowed with extensive regulations. If this practice is made illegal, the opportunity to influence the process and secure the rights of the involved parties is lost.
doi:10.5324/eip.v7i2.1794 fatcat:toxpkc7xb5bsjpghbhw3cs6c5y