Development and Application of CPS Model into the Instruction of Geography for Creativity Enhancement
창의성 향상을 위한 지리과 CPS 수업 모형의 개발 및 적용

Young-Mi Mun
2013 Journal of the Association of Korean Geographers  
This study aimed to develop and to apply the CPS model using Creative Problem Solving (CPS) model as a class method for enhancing creativity in the field of Geography and to analyze the results. The class was developed using the CPS model, specified in six stages as the basic model by Treffinger and others. Class was held in two sessions, after which effects of the class such as change in the students' creativity, satisfaction level towards class, and attitude towards curriculum were verified.
more » ... his study's results demonstrated that the students' creativity increased after conducting the CPS model. Students gained the opportunity to think about the solutions in a creative manner while participating in the CPS class and they found the class interesting. Moreover, students' level of understanding towards the environment issue increased, and they though that they participated in the class with greater interest compared to the existing lecture type of class. After the CPS model, students perceived that Geography can help to solve problems that afflict individuals or society, and that they can improve their creativity through the Geography class.
doi:10.25202/jakg.2.2.1 fatcat:oglcpdpnnbe2ffxcr2bsfxumba