Thermoplastic J Integral Calculation for a Semi-Elliptical Crack in the Railway Wheel

2017 International Journal of Modern Studies in Mechanical Engineering  
This paper provides a method for addressing surface crack growth in railway wheels, taking into account rail and brake blocks effects. finite element analysis (FEA) using the J-integral crack tip parameter has been employed to study 3-D semi elliptical crack growth in the railway wheel with strain hardening property, subjected to fatigue loading due to axle load, rail-wheel contact forces, motive torque, brake blocks pressure, friction and its resulting thermal loads of braking. For this
more » ... ng. For this purpose, a FE model of a wheel, with two brake shoes and a portion of rail are created and realistic loads and boundary conditions, which may correctly model the rolling and stopping procedure, are applied to the railway wheel model. It is assumed that the wheel has contained a surface semi-elliptical crack on its tread surface. The importance of axle load, speed, plasticity and braking thermal load effects on growing of a surface crake situated on a thread of wheels are demonstrated in this paper.
doi:10.20431/2454-9711.0302002 fatcat:u6y5an5khze3pliemd3hkiem64