Highly efficient synthesis of chiral quaternary 3-aminooxindoles promoted by zinc(ii) chloride via Et2Zn-catalysed addition of Grignard reagents to isaltin-derived N-tert-butanesulfinyl ketimines

Shiwei Yang, Guangling Bian, Zhongxiang Chen, Xiaohan Xia, Mi Zhou, Caiyan Cui, Ling Song
2017 RSC Advances  
An approach to chiral quaternary 3-aminooxindoles via Et2Zn catalyzed diastereoselective addition of various Grignard reagents to broad isaltin-derived N-tert-butanesulfinyl ketimines promoted by zinc(ii) chloride.
doi:10.1039/c7ra07692d fatcat:ftebmi3m25dldgltoewkzcxhom