Characterization of mechanical properties of barium titanate ceramics with different grain sizes

Tomasz Trzepiecinski, Magdalena Gromada
2018 Materials Science-Poland  
In this paper, three BaTiO3 powders of various particle size distributions were obtained as a result of mechanical activation in the mixer mill. Green barium titanate pellets and cylindrical specimens were fabricated by both uniaxial and isostatic pressing methods. As a result of the application of different maximal sintering temperatures, the obtained materials were characterized by various average grain sizes: 0.8 μm, 20 μm and 31.0 μm. The basic properties of sintered pellets and cylinders
more » ... re determined and the influence of materials average grain size on their Young's modulus and compressive strength were determined through compression tests in a uniaxial testing machine, Zwick/Roell Z100. The elastic properties were similar for tested materials with a different grain size. However, the microstructure of BaTiO3 strongly influenced the compressive strength.
doi:10.1515/msp-2018-0009 fatcat:gaxnt3rq5zbwhn6v33cvcrogoa