An Experience With Implantation Of Dddr Permanent Pacemaker (Passive Fixation) Technique At Army Cardiac Centre Lahore And Exploring The Association Of Aggravation Of Procedure With Gender And Diabetes

Dr. Yamina Nasir, Dr Hira Khan, Dr Zainab Waheed
2018 Zenodo  
: The number of permanent pacemaker insertions in the Pakistan has been steadily increasing. The study aims to curtail the complications of dual chamber pacemaker implantation in heart block patients through the use of passive fixation technique. Complications being displacement, cardiac perforation and wound infection which elevate morbidity and mortality. Method: A series of 150 consecutive patients were implanted permanent pacemakers for either complete heart block (CHB) or Sick Sinus
more » ... r Sick Sinus Syndrome (SSS) at Army Cardiac Centre Lahore from January 2014 to June 2017.A retrospective study was carried out to determine the results of Passive Fixation Technique using Steroid Eluting Tined Leads in both Right Ventricle (RV) as well as Right Atrium (RA). Results: The Findings of this study indicated that out of 150 patients that were followed up after implantation not even a single patient had lead dislodgement or Cardiac Chamber Perforation. It was observed that only four patients reported with superficial wound infection which was managed successfully through appropriate antibiotics whereas only one with deep wound infection for which pacemaker was explanted and replaced successfully. Male patients having diabetes had a greater risk of developing complications with the procedure. Conclusion: This study showed that implantation of Dual Chamber (DDDR) permanent pacemaker using Passive Fixation Technique is feasible and safe with minimum rate of complications that include lead displacement, cardiac perforation and pocket wound infections in patients with complete heart block and sick sinus syndrome. There is highly significant positive association of diabetes and male gender with aggravations of the procedure, p value < 0.001(0.000).
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1323757 fatcat:xwsqgdv2h5f4djksoxivggmtvi