XXII.—A Synopsis of the Genera and Species of the Class Hypostoma (Asterias, Linnæus)

John Edward Gray
1840 Annals and Magazine of Natural History  
1. P e n t a n o p t c r = Goniaster (z) rigassiz. Scutasteries, Blaitiv. 2. Pentaceros = Goniaster (**) rfgassiz. Asterina, A'urdo. Pla-3. Astropecten = Stellaria, A'ardo. 4. Pdmipes = Anscropoda, A'nrdo. 5 . Stella coriacca = Stcllonia, Forbes. Stellonia, part, N a r h .
doi:10.1080/03745484009443282 fatcat:erh7ppxyinajlhgaav44enjdom