Інфраструктура оптових ринків сільськогосподарської продукції

P.M. Muzyka, N.A. Domanska
2016 Scientific Messenger of LNU of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology  
The article defines the term «infrastructure of wholesale markets for agricultural products» in line with the current legal framework. The development of the market infrastructure was carried out on the basis of the wholesale market of agricultural products «Shelen» in the city of Rivne, Rivne region, through which the network of international transport arteries passes. The main requirements for the market infrastructure as a business entity that are related to environmental efficiency, food
more » ... efficiency, food safety and environmental protection are given. These are waste management requirements, standards for water discharge.The design capacity of the wholesale market includes a commodity flow of around 1280 t/ day. About 75–80% of this volume will be attributed to the local market, and 20–25% – to the transit flow to other regions. There will be 200–300 wholesalers on the market daily, and the number of buyers will comprise 1000–1500 people.The main structural elements (objects) of the market are:1. Entrance gates with four inlets / outlets with cash registers, a system for video recording and monitoring and other necessary equipment. Entry gates is also a powerful marketing tool.2. The administrative building. 50% of its area is intended for leasing for service firms providing their services on the market, among which should be a bank, currency exchange office, a commodity exchange and others. The remaining 50% is allocated to internal use by the wholesale market administration.3. Commodity pavilion of flowers, which provides a block for the sale of live cut flowers with conditioned air (3–5 Celsius degree) and artificial lighting and a block for artificial flowers and accessories for gardening and floriculture with a natural light. This pavilion is the largest in area due to its highest return on investment potential and further growth and will occupy 2.5h. There will be located pavilions of meat and fish (as one pavilion), trading hall for vegetables and fruits. A requirement for trade pavilions, especially for meat and fish, is the conformity of equipment and the availability of sanitary and veterinary controls in accordance with the requirements of the European Union.4. Important elements are the construction of engineering infrastructure, which includes rain water drain of 150m length; wastewater network; transformer substation; water supply and gas supply system. Drains will be equipped with electric heating to avoid water freezing in a winter.5. Areas for the sale of goods from trucks, parking lots, roads.It is expected that the payback period will not be the construction of the market for eight years.
doi:10.15421/nvlvet8114 fatcat:hghsbeqygvfj7ines7fk3z26ne