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1906 Nature  
FERRUARY 15, 1906] NATURE Elements of APPiied Microscopy. By Charles-Edward Amory Winslow. Pp. xii+ 183. (New York: John Wiley and Sons; London: Chapman and Hall, Ltd., 1905.) Price 6s. 6d. net. Tms little book is planned on novel lines, and contains a good deal of information in a small compass. As it is primarily intended for class use, practical details are briefly dealt with, and more space is thus available for descriptions of the various objects which the microscopist is intended to
more » ... The first three chapters deal with the theory, construction, and manipulation of the microscope, and the preparation and mounting of objects. Next, micrometry and the camera lucida are described, and the subsequent chapters are devoted to the microscopy of starches, of foods and drugs and their adulterants, the examination of textile fibres and of paper, forensic microscopy, microchemistry, and petrography and metallography. Sufficient information is given to stimulate the student's powers of observation and desire for further knowledge. The chapter on the microscopy of paper is a particularly good one. Altogether the book should usefully fulfil the object for which it has been written.
doi:10.1038/073365e0 fatcat:p7uy4tfb6zhkxg3uo7gezxxuae